LIANHE GLOBAL is a subsidiary of Lianhe Group, one of the most professional and largest credit rating agencies in China and a trusted name among Chinese investors. We aim to provide independent, objective, and fair credit rating services to issuers and investors by leveraging our international expertise and unique local insight into China’s government structure and business environment.

Company Overview

Lianhe Ratings Global Limited (“Lianhe Global” or “the Company”) was incorporated on 26 September 2017 in Hong Kong SAR. Lianhe Global has been granted a type 10 license, Providing Credit Rating Services, by SFC since July 2018.

Lianhe Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lianhe Credit Information Service Co., Ltd. (“Lianhe Group”). Lianhe Global provides credit ratings to corporations, financial institutions, non-bank financial institutions, local Investment and Development Companies (“LIDC”), and other asset classes not just in China but around the globe.

Lianhe Group also owns China Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd (“Lianhe Ratings”) which focuses on the Interbank Market and United Credit Ratings Co., Ltd. (“United Ratings”) which focuses on the Exchange Market, in China. Together, we refer to them as Lianhe China.  Lianhe China is now one of the leading credit rating companies in China since its founding in 2000. Lianhe China has approximately 350 analysts covering a portfolio of 3,856 issuers ranging from corporates and banks to structured finance products in China, as of September 2017.

Lianhe Global aims to provide independent, objective, and fair credit rating services to issuers and investors around the globe. We aim to deliver our goals through extensive investor outreach, partnerships with industry trade unions, and publication of insightful research reports. We also aim to replicate our success in China here in Hong Kong first and then leap forward into other territories.

Our Four Core Principles

  • Independence
  • Objectiveness
  • Fairness
  • Consistency

Our Industry Focus

  • Real Estate
  • Local Investment and Development Companies (LIDC)
  • Industrials
  • Financial Institutions

Why Choose Us

International Expertise, Local Knowledge

Our parent company, the Lianhe Group, has had a joint venture partnership with Fitch Ratings for a decade and we possess the international expertise and professionalism in line with large international rating agencies. We have developed a systematic and well-defined rating system, business management system, and business process to avoid conflict of interest and ensure quality service. Lianhe Global is a homegrown international rating agency with unique insight into the Chinese government structure and the business environment in which Chinese issuers operate.

Backed by Lianhe Group, China’s Premier Brand & Market Leader

Our parent company, Lianhe Group, through Lianhe Ratings and United Ratings, has rated thousands of issuers and trillions yuans of onshore bonds. We enjoy a leading market share position in all segments of the onshore markets, and is a trusted brand name amongst Chinese investors and issuers.

Efficient Turnaround of Ratings Assignments

With a newly set up infrastructure free of legacy issues, Lianhe Global is fully committed to an efficient turnaround of ratings assignments. We will work with issuers and bankers to ensure that ratings and research reports are published in a timely manner in order to meet the timeline of new issuance and/or for investor roadshows.

Excellent Analytical Team

Lianhe Group, our parent company, boasts a total of over 350 analysts, many of whom are educated overseas with masters or above degrees. At Lianhe Global, our three analytical team heads have a combined experience of 40 years spanning multiple industries and products from the big three international rating agencies.

About Our Parent Company, the Lianhe Group

Lianhe Group enjoys a leading market position in China with a 31% market share in the Interbank market through Lianhe Ratings and a 33% market share in the Exchange Market through United Ratings. It was also awarded numerous accolades and recognition, including “Rating Agency of The Year in China” by The Assets for three years running, ranked Top 2 in credit rating agency appraisal by National Development and Reform Commission, and awarded “Innovation Agency of The Year” by China Securitization Forum and China Asset Securitization Research Institute in 2018, among other awards.

Lianhe Group’s Corporate Clients

Lianhe Group’s Financial Institution Clients

Lianhe Group’s Structured Finance Clients